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Our New Zealand-based helpdesk is available 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday – Friday.

Call us for set-up and technical assistance, to make a complaint, or to request a presentation of the CapTel Phone. If possible, please have the following information handy when you call the helpdesk:
  • Your telephone number
  • Your CapTel Phone Electronic Serial Number (ESN - located underneath your Phone)
  • Your Internet Service Provider
  • Your Telecom Provider
  • Name of Wi-Fi Network (SSID) and Password (also called ‘Pass Phrase’ or ‘Network Key’)
To make a phone call to someone using the Web CapTel service you need to dial 0800 227 932 You can also write to us at:
CapTel New Zealand
C/O CSD New Zealand Ltd
PO Box 106900
Auckland 1143

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CapTel NZ Advisory Group:

This group is made up of members from each of the user groups: Deaf, hearing impaired, deaf blind and speech impaired, plus a parent of a Deaf child. The members of the Advisory Group are your points of contact should you have any issues of policy that you’d like to raise. They can also help with concerns or frustrations (positive comments are, of course always appreciated too). The group will provide CapTel NZ and MBIE with feedback to help with improving the services. For any set-up or technical questions, please contact the CapTel Helpdesk on the details above.