What others say about CapTel?

Read what others say about using CapTel and how it can help make your life better.

Their love of food and the great outdoors inspired Angie London and her husband Garth to open Whakaipo Lodge – a boutique luxury lodge in Taupo. But because Angie suffers from mid-frequency hearing loss, she relied heavily on her husband to answer the phone and look after accommodation bookings when they first opened their business.

“Answering the phone confidently is part of running a business, but I couldn’t hear properly on the phone and was always worried I would not get the booking details right. There’s only so many times you can ask someone to repeat themselves before it starts reflecting badly on the business,” says the 51-year-old.

Angie heard about CapTel through a friend about a year ago and decided to apply for her own CapTel phone.

“It quickly became clear what CapTel could do for me. It has given me back my freedom and confidence and I no longer have to wait for my husband to answer the phone. Even if I miss information, I can go back through the captions and it’s all there written down. It’s been incredibly useful.” Angie London - Taupo
For 94-year-old Allan Doig of Dunedin, CapTel has been a lifeline to friends and family and maintaining an independent lifestyle.

Left with hearing loss following his time in the artillery during World War II, Alan struggled to use a telephone – he could never be quite sure of what people were saying and found this extremely frustrating.

Alan found out about CapTel through the Hearing Association. He’s been using his CapTel phone for over a year and says he can’t speak highly enough of it.

“My CapTel phone is easy to use and enables me to stay in touch with my family and make my own appointments. Because everything that people say is written down on the screen, I can be sure that I got all the details right.”

“The support service has also been 100% - the call centre always do what they say and do it immediately. I would highly recommend CapTel to other people who struggle to use a phone because of hearing loss.” Allan Doig - Dunedin
Retired nurse Judith Edgeler suffers from hearing loss caused by tinnitus. Talking on the phone, or even having conversations face to face, is challenging for her. But since she got a CapTel phone, she has been able to keep in touch with family, make her own appointments and call for help in case of emergencies.

Judith was one of the first users of CapTel in New Zealand. She heard about the new service through the Hearing Association and signed up as soon as the service came to New Zealand in 2013.

“Being deaf, it’s very hard for me to mix with people. This often leaves me feeling isolated. CapTel has helped me to keep in touch with people, which is vital. I can also make my own appointments, rather than having to go up to the doctor’s or dentists just to make an appointment,” says the 82-year-old widow from Lower Hutt.

“When I had a fall at home recently, I was able to call my daughter for help using CapTel. This is something I would not have been able to do otherwise.”

In Judith’s opinion CapTel is a “marvellous” tool for anyone with a hearing impairment that struggles to use an ordinary telephone. Judith Edgeler - Lower Hutt