What you need to get started

To use CapTel you must have the following services, or have them installed prior to using CapTel:

CapTel Phone

  1. A landline phone service*, either:
    • A standard analogue line
    • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) preferably with a filter
    • VOIP (Voice-Over Internet Protocol)
    • Digital cable
    • FIOS (Fibre Optic Service)
  2. High-speed broadband or digital internet **
    • Connected with either an Ethernet cable or with wi-fi
    • A modem/router may be needed to connect multiple devices to your internet service e.g. Computer and CapTel Phone
  3. An electrical connection to plug the phone into
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Web CapTel

  1. A computer, laptop or tablet with a web browser
  2. High-speed broadband or digital internet connected to the device you're using. Either cable internet, ADSL broadband or wireless broadband
  3. A dedicated phone line (from any telephone company) Landline, mobile, cordless and amplified phones are all acceptable ***
  4. If you wish to make calls to international numbers, you will need a calling card (sold separately)
  5. Although the service is free, you do need to register
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* The CapTel Phone does not work with digital PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems found in some business settings, residential facilities, hospitals, and hotels unless an analogue port is available in the PBX network. DSL, VOIP, Digital cable and FIOS are only supported when there is an adapter that makes the connection appear as an analogue telephone line to the CapTel phone. ** Fixed line broadband is preferred, but mobile wireless can be accepted. Dial up internet is not acceptable. *** By a dedicated phone line we mean one that is connected directly to a network such as a home phone or mobile. Web CapTel does not work within multi-line systems or PABX e.g. a DDI within a large organisation.