Web CapTel

CapTel can reconnect you with the life you love. Whether it’s making a doctor’s appointment, using a phone to do your job or calling your friends for a chat, Web CapTel makes it easy to maintain your freedom and independence.

Web CapTel is a free service available to anyone in New Zealand who finds it difficult communicating on the phone because of a hearing impairment. You can use it at home or at work. No special equipment is needed - use your own computer, laptop or tablet and your own phone – it even works with a mobile.

How does Web CapTel work?

Web CapTel is a free, web-based service which allows you to read word-for-word captions of your phone calls on a computer, laptop or tablet. You can listen to the other person speaking through any telephone, including cordless, landline or cell phones. And as this service works on your own laptop or computer, you don’t need to buy any special equipment. Your calls are automatically connected to a specially-trained operator who transcribes what is said by the other person. You can hear the other party, and read the captions at the same time.

Making Calls

  • Make sure you are online and logged on
  • Enter the number you wish to call in the ‘Dial to’ field, and click ‘Place Call’
  • Your phone will ring first. Once you answer you will be connected to the Call Center **. Once an operator is available, a 3-way call will be connected
  • When the other person answers, you then speak directly to each other. The operator sends the captions to you to read on your computer screen

Receiving Calls

  • You need to make sure you are online and logged in
  • The person calling you dials the Web CapTel service on 0800 227 932, then enters your phone number and presses pound, or the hash (#) key. You can receive calls on any dedicated phone line*; just update the ‘Waiting for calls’ number online
  • The operator will initiate a 3-way call with you
  • Your phone will ring, and when you answer the captioning window will appear on your screen to show what the caller is saying while you speak directly with each other
* A dedicated phone line is one that is connected directly to a network, such as a home phone or mobile. CapTel does not work within multi-line systems/ PABX (Private Automated Branch Exchange) e.g. a DDI within a large organisation. ** The confidentiality of all calls is guaranteed and all CapTel operators undergo a Police check. No records of calls are kept other than the time the call starts and ends and the number dialled.