Phone CapTel

CapTel can reconnect you with the life you love. Whether it’s making a doctor’s appointment, using a phone to do your job or calling your friends for a chat, CapTel makes it easy to maintain your freedom and independence.

Phone CapTel is available to anyone in New Zealand who finds it difficult communicating on the phone because of a hearing impairment. You can use it at home or at work. There is a one off cost of $323.00 to loan a CapTel Phone for as long as you need it. The ongoing CapTel service is free for the user.

How does the CapTel Phone work?

Make and receive phone calls with word-for-word captions of everything being said to you.

Your calls are automatically connected to a specially-trained operator who transcribes what is said by the other person. You can hear the other party, and read the captions on the phone.

The CapTel Phone uses your existing phone service and internet connection to provide voice and captions during a call*.

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Making and receiving calls

You dial the other person's number, or they dial yours, exactly as you would with a normal phone.

While you dial, you are automatically connected to the captioning service**. When the other person answers, you hear everything they say, just like a normal call.

At the same time, everything they say appears on the phone’s display window.

You hear what you can, and read what you need to.
There is also a free online service available. Read more about Web CapTel » * The CapTel Phone is not a VOIP service and does not provide Internet-based telephone service by itself. The phone needs both phone and Internet service to make and receive calls. However, you can use VOIP or Internet-based phone service such as fibre with a CapTel Phone – it just needs to present to the CapTel phone as an analogue telephone line and to be able to plug into the CapTel Phone. ** The confidentiality of all calls is guaranteed and all CapTel operators undergo a Police check. No records of calls are kept other than the time the call starts and ends and the number dialled.