Is your hearing holding you back? CapTel keeps you connected with the life you love

Fed up of not hearing clearly what people are saying when you speak on the phone? Struggling at work because of hearing loss?

CapTel NZ can change all this and reconnect you with the life you love.
CapTel and Web CapTel are captioned phone services for people who struggle to use an ordinary phone because of hearing difficulties. Whether it’s making a doctor’s appointment, using a phone to do your job or calling your friends and family for a chat, CapTel makes it easy to maintain your freedom and independence.
NOTE: There was a recent concern regarding fibre and the compatibility for CapTel phones as seen in the media. If you have a fibre connection, you can use your CapTel phone by plugging the telephone cable from the CapTel phone into the phone port on your fibre router.
“Being deaf, it’s very hard for me to mix with people. This often leaves me feeling isolated. CapTel has helped me to keep in touch with people, which is vital.

When I had a fall at home recently, I was able to call my daughter for help using CapTel.

This is something I would not have been able to do otherwise.”
Judith Edgeler, Lower Hutt Read full case study »
“I was using a normal phone and it was a bit hard when people would talk too fast and I couldn't hear, so I would often pass the phone to my parents to help me. CapTel is better than any normal phone. I really like using my CapTel phone and find it really helps me understand people with accents. I can also read the captions when people are speaking fast and pick up exactly what they are saying. It's great that when I'm out it will show me who has called and leave me captioned voicemail messages. CapTel has helped me to have confidence using the phone, and has changed my life.” Sally, Te Kuiti Read full case study »
“My CapTel phone is easy to use and enables me to stay in touch with my family and make my own appointments.

Because everything that people say is written down on the screen, I can be sure that I got all the details right.”
Allan Doig, Dunedin Read full case study »